Kevin Love and the Fight for Identity

I love the NBA.  I love that I can enjoy the game itself, the beauty of the ball zipping around, finding the open man and hearing the sound of the swish.  I love that I can enjoy somebody like Hubie Brown break down the X’s and O’s and explain to me how a specific screen led to a layup or how an adjustment in the pick and roll defensive strategy slowed down a team that was hot in the first half.  I love how I can read about the economics of the game, about how the new TV deal will affect the NBA economy.
Similarly, I love the discussion of organizational issues.  I’ve been running a family business for some years now, I’m a few months away from graduating with my MBA, and what I’ve enjoyed most is the discussion on how to manage people in an organizational setting.  Most recently, we witnessed Mike Malone being fired from the Kings in what seemed to be a perplexing move after a great start. Similarly, last year saw Mark Jackson depart a team that he had brought back relevancy too.  It’s not always about the results, it’s not always about the money, it’s not always about the X’s and O’s, sometimes it just comes down to something as simple as certain personalities not being the right “fit” for the organization.

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