Intercepted E-Mail From Jeanie Buss to Phil Jackson Regarding Rajon Rondo


Subject: Hey boo

Hey Phil,

Miss you, I’m glad you keep making your “scouting visits” to LA. Scouting is such a poor franchise thing LOL. Remember Chaz?

Listen, I know we talk about this every time but we are both going after the same pieces this summer. Instead of having an insane bidding war, why can’t we be cordial? We both were SO excited last night with the Rondo thing right? Who knew things wouldn’t go right with that nerd Mark Cuban. He couldn’t understand the value of true Lakers like Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher. This is why we have the ringz babe.  By the way, isn’t this hilarious now?


As much as this hurts, I think he’s perfect for you. You know Jim though, he’s going to try to overpay him because he made that stupid “conference finals in 3 years guarantee”. He would be so great in LA too, it’ll just hurt me so much if you don’t get him. Did I mention how much I love you?

Look, if you want to establish a winning culture, you need to have somebody as strong as Rajon. Who’s going to be better for the young players on your team? For giving them the yelling that we all know players need? I mean, didn’t KG have an awesome impact on Wiggins? KG was the ONLY reason Wiggins became rookie of the year. We know this. Who’s better than Rajon for the triangle? I am SO happy you are still keeping the triangle around, and he’s perfect for it. Again, why am I saying things we already know?

Who’s better at handling the media? He had the worst game of his career last night and he politely walked away

Who’s better at settling down his team in the heat of playoff basketball? Sometimes you just need your point guard to settle things down a little.

**Chaz, is it ok if I take the second video off? It seems a little on the nose, please erase this before we send it. Thanks, Jim**

At the end of the day, you need a leader. You need a dominant point guard. You’re so blessed you even have Carmelo Anthony, who loves sharing spotlights with point guards in the NY spotlight. God, I just wish this wasn’t so perfect for you. You know how much Kobe loves him, we would HATE to let him go. Just to be sure, why don’t you just max him out? The cap is going up, Dolan doesn’t know the difference.

Have I forgotten to tell you that with such a strong coach like Fish, even if Rajon is a problem in the locker room, he’s so respected that the locker room will ignore him. This will make your team stronger. You can’t afford NOT to let this happen. This is your moment, Phil. This is why you’re there.

I’m so happy for you and the Knicks.


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