Podcast Recommendations: Week of June 29th

Welcome to another wonderful week of podcasting!

Light day today, I didn’t have much time.  For previous weeks, please click here.  Please note that I only recommend podcasts that I’ve listened to, so they won’t necessarily correspond to the days that they have been posted.

Monday, June 29th

  • Fastbreak Breakfast NBA Podcast: Fastbreak Breakfast Ep. 34 “The Trill and Sauce Show” [length: 64 minutes]
    • A new addition to my NBA podcasts! This podcast reached out to me over twitter, recommending that I listen, and they were so right.  THESE ARE MY PEOPLE.  A really fun NBA discussion between three friends (2 Grizzlies fans, 1 Heat fan).  I don’t know these guys’ names yet, I’m not familiar with their weekly segments, and it never really mattered.  I laughed out loud multiple times, and if you’re a fan of the NBA and comedy, this is the podcast for you.  Don’t let me undersell the content – they know their stuff, they just happen to be really funny too.  Really glad I listened, and I recommend them wholeheartedly.

Tuesday, June 30th

  • Dunc’d On Basketball: June 29 (A Mock For The Offseason) [length: 120 minutes]
    • A really cool podcast! Nate Duncan, Daniel Leroux, and Dan Feldman conduct a mock offseason.  Clearly the NBA free agency is already underway and thus without the benefit of hindsight the information Danny, Nate, and Dan have outdated information (as of my writing this), so accuracy is not what makes this podcast cool.   I highly recommend this just to get into the headspace of what GM’s and teams must go through during this process.  Good stuff.
  • The Lowe Post: Marc Stein [length 50 minutes]
    • No two people I’d hear talk about basketball and free agency buzz other than Zach Lowe and Marc Stein. They cover a variety of topics, and although unfortunately due to the day-to-day nature of how fast things are changing, much of what has been said on this podcast has either been resolved or turned out different, but it’s still an interesting listen.

Wednesday, July 1st

  • The Talk Show With John Gruber: Episode 125: ‘They Buy a Hole in the Wall’, With Guest Horace Dediu [length: 116 minutes]
    • John Gruber is the single best Apple writer/thinker/podcaster and his podcasts rarely if ever disappoint.  While this discussion with Horace Dediu covers a myriad of topics, I found the discussion about the Maps industry and Uber the most fascinating.  As long time Apple observers, both John and Horace also provide interesting insight into how the company is both changing and also keeping the same core values alive.

Thursday, July 2nd

  • The Lowe Post – Tom Ziller: 7/2/15 [length: 53 minutes]
    • Oh, the poor Kings.  Tom Ziller, consistently one of the better NBA writers and thinkers today, has a depressing but fun conversation about the current state of the Kings which have become a laughingstock in this league.  I feel bad for Kings fans, and Tom Ziller provides an insight into what they’re going through.  They also discuss other free agency topics, including the fascinating direction the Suns are going in.  [I will also most likely recommend every single Zach Lowe podcast, my mancrush for his NBA mind knows no limits.]

Friday, July 3rd

  • Bertcast’s Podcast: #130 – Al Jackson, Omar Dorsey, Terry Jingles, & ME [length: 184 minutes!, posted June 28th]
    • I’m not sure how to really describe this podcast other than to say that it was a very uncensored, very unstructured, and most importantly very FUN podcast.  Comedian Al Jackson, Actor Omar Dorsey, Producer Terry Jingles, and one of my favorite comics Bert Kreischer [the host] get drunk at 9am and shoot the shit, if you’re into that kind of thing, you’ll like this.

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