Podcast Recommendations: Week of July 6th

For previous weeks, please click here.  Apologies for an incomplete week last week, but my best friend was getting married! Will hope to keep updating these posts daily.

Monday, July 6th

  • Dunc’d On Basketball: July 6th (Full Weekend Analysis) [length: 119 minutes]
    • Yes, I know, this podcast keeps coming up.  My pod-crush remains stronger than ever.  This is just the next installment of reactions towards free agency and evaluation of where teams stand as of right now.  Nate Duncan and Daniel Leroux of RealGM continue to be an outstanding team and a joy to listen to have adult conversations about basketball.  Keep killing it, guys!
  • Steven Lebron Radio: Ep 97: Sage Steele [length: 79 minutes – posted 06/10/15]
    • My apologies for being about a month late on this, but what a great listen.  I’ve never heard Sage Steele outside of her hosting duties on ESPN’s NBA Countdown show, and I’m so glad I did.  Alex Wong, host of this podcast does a great job discussing a very wide array of topics.  I was especially inspired by Sage’s overcoming of her intense shyness to accomplish her goal of being an ESPN broadcaster.  I have a newfound respect for Sage and am rooting for her even harder.  She also discusses her friendship with Stuart Scott, who I can’t believe has been gone for 7 months now.  This is a definite listen.  If you’re interested, Alex has a GREAT newsletter in which he recommends things to read around the web which you can subscribe here.

Tuesday, July 7th

  • Grantland Pop Culture: Andy Greenwald – Ryan Gattis on L.A. Riots [length: 53 minutes – posted 06/11/15]
    • As the NBA season has wrapped up, I am catching up on many of the old podcasts I’ve missed.  I saved this one because of the subject matter: the 1992 LA Riots.  Ryan Gattis is the author of the novel “All Involved” and Ryan and host Andy Greenwald discuss the events surrounding the 1992 riots and how they still affect many parts of LA today. Really fascinating, especially for those living nearby, but a very interesting podcast for anybody.
  • Lowe Post – Kevin Arnovitz [length: 63 minutes]
    • Great NBA podcast with two of the smarter NBA thinkers we have.  Kevin Arnovitz provided some really good insight towards DeAndre Jordan leaving the Clippers but the conversation grew to talking about the rest of the league as well. Zach Lowe made me nearly choke on my water with a line about Carlos Boozer that I really enjoyed.  Short and sweet recommendation here, it was just a really good listen and I continue to learn a lot from both of them.

Wednesday, July 8th

  • Fitzdog Radio: Colin Quinn Returns [length: 58 minutes – posted 06/26/15]
    • I love Greg Fitzsimmons’ podcast, I really enjoy his dry sense of humor and in general I recommend his show.  In this episode, one of my other favorites, Colin Quinn and Greg have a really interesting discussion about a variety of issues but ended up talking a lot about race. I really like Colin, and I miss the old show on Comedy Central “Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn”.  The show used to be a discussion hosted by Colin with 4 other comics and they’d give their takes on news and the discussion would be as raw and real as anything you’d see on TV.  I believe that podcasting has taken that mantle, and I’m glad that Greg and Colin were able to have this talk.  I personally was too young to watch the show regularly when it aired, but I am obsessed with YouTube clips of the show, I highly recommend watching anything with Patrice O’neal (my favorite comic of all time, RIP) and/or Greg Giraldo (also, RIP).
  • Fast break Breakfast NBA Podcast Episode 35 “Buffet” [length: 45 minutes]
    • These guys, man. They’re incredibly funny, make me laugh out loud regularly, and also provide great NBA analysis.  They further discuss free agency and how the contracts fit into the ONIONS about to come. (Inside joke for this podcast).  Highly recommended, if you like humor and the NBA this is where you come.

Thursday, July 9th

  • Eye On Basketball: 07/09/15: 2 Broke Guys [length: 49 minutes]
    • Love this podcast in general, but when Dan Woike of the OC Register comes on it’s extra special. Dan provides some cool insight into the DeAndre Jordan free agency fiasco and discuss some of the other stories around the league.  Really smart, funny guys and this podcast reflected that.
  • Doug Loves Movies: “Mark Wahlberg”, Graham Elwood, and Geoff Tate [length: 84 minutes]
    • I love this podcast hosted by Doug Benson. The premise is that this is a game-show like format where rotating guests play movie-theme trivia games.  Simple enough, right? What makes it great is the guests are generally really funny comics and the comedy really takes a front seat.  In particular, “Mark Wahlberg” is a hilarious impression done by Daniel Van Kirk, and he never breaks.  If you like comedy and are a movie buff, you’ll really enjoy this.

Friday, July 10th (Driving To Vegas, A Lot!) 

  • Lowe Post – JJ Redick on the DeAndre Jordan Saga: 7/10/15 [length: 32 minutes]
    • Absolute no-brainer. Why use sources when you can go to a person involved in the story? JJ Redick breaks down the madness of the DeAndre day and it’s really cool to hear a player refresh his twitter feeds just as the fans were.  It was really one of the greatest internet days of all time [insert emoji here].  I’m always impressed by JJ’s basketball commentary and can really see him as a really good analyst after his playing career is done.
  • The Dead Authors Podcast: Addendum i: Lewis Carroll, featuring Rory Scovel [length: 61 minutes]
    •  Paul F Thompkins, one of the greatest comedic minds we have, hosts the Dead Authors Podcast. He portrays himself as HG Wells (Time Machine, get it?) coming forward in time to present-day and interviewing other dead authors.  In this episode, re-posted after originally having been recorded in August 2014, he brings Lewis Carroll, played by Rory Scovel.  Rory is another one of my favorite comics today, and he does not disappoint.  I am not a reader by ANY stretch of the imagination, so this podcast does not require familiarity with either author’s work.  Just enjoy a fun, absurd (in a good way) conversation between two people who are really good at what they do.
  • Accidental Tech Podcast: 125: A Better Future For Everybody [length: 117 minutes]
    • This podcast, hosted by Casey Liss, John Siracusa, and Marco Arment is a technology podcast that generally focuses on the world of Apple, but is certainly not only about that.  I say this as a compliment: I have been listening to this podcast for more than a year now and half the time I can’t keep up with what they’re talking about, as developers they are far more advanced than me as just a tech fan.  But, I keep listening.  They have a really good personality, their chemistry is fantastic, and if you want more technical breakdowns of the tech world, these are your guys.  In this episode they discuss the role of Safari (both on iOS and Mac OS) in adopting new web standards and in addition they discuss Windows failure in the mobile phone market.  Good listen, but only recommended to the nerds amongst you 🙂

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