Podcast Recommendations: Week of July 13th

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Monday, July 13th

  • Slate’s Whistlestop: Ford, Reagan, and the Halloween Massacre [length: 28 minutes, originally posted May 13th]
    • Really interesting podcast about the behind-the-scenes dynamic between Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan prior to the 1980 Election.  Fascinating that Ronald Reagan was challenging an incumbent (even though he wasn’t elected) President for his own party’s nomination.  (There is a part 2 to this I haven’t heard.)
  • Stuff You Should Know: How Zero Population Growth Works [length: 51 minutes, originally posted April 16th]
    • This is another really good podcast that I’ve slowly been catching up on.  They discuss an incredible variety of topics, and this one was really interesting.  Many population theories exist about how long we can sustain our population with our scarce resources and hosts Josh and Chuck go through a good amount of detail to talk about them, specifically focusing on Paul Erlich’s 1968 prediction of famine and mass death. You know, the fun stuff.
  • Dunc’d On Basketball: July 11 (News and Summer League with Seth Partnow) [length: 96 minutes]
    • Nate Duncan, Daniel Leroux of RealGM and Seth Partnow of Nylon Calculus discuss the ongoing off-season news well and sprinkle in some thoughts on the Summer League action.  I will always take their audio quality to task, but the depth of analysis of the basketball and contractual fits of all the moves in the league remain top-notch.

Tuesday, July 14th

  • Eye On Basketball: Bargain in the bargain bin [length: 60 minutes, originally posted July 13th]
    • Zach Harper and James Herbert discuss news of the NBA including Andrea Bargain to the Nets, some depressing Joel Embiid talk [side note: I hate #Hinkienomics, but Embiid was 100% the right draft choice], and other topics.  Zach Harper sounds extremely hungover and that added to the fun for me of the whole podcast, I have no idea if he actually was.
  • Ten Minute Podcast – Stone Cold Steve Austin Reading Lists [length: 10 minutes, duh]
    • Will Sasso talks like Stone Cold Steve Austin for 10 minutes while reading ridiculous lists and I laughed a lot.  What more do you want?
  • Common Sense with Dan Carlin: Show 294 – Backdoors to Glass Houses [length: 47 minutes]
    • Like I’ve mentioned before, Dan Carlin is an absolute A-List podcaster and his provocative discussions always A) scare the crap out of me and B) force me to think about things I should be thinking about but avoid.  In this podcast, Dan discusses the extent to which we are giving up our privacy for the sake of security in a post-9/11 world.  He’s talked about this a lot before, and it’s always fascinating when he does.  If you’re into this kind of thought, I highly recommend this episode.

Wednesday, July 15th

  • Clockwise: 95: The Only iPod Touch Fangirl [length: 30 minutes]
    • This is a really cool, PTI-format podcast where Jason Snell, Dan Moren, and 2 rotating guests (in this episode Brianna Wu and Shelly Brisbin) from the tech world discuss 4 topics, in which each person brings in one topic they’d like to discuss. I love how the topics are from various areas of the tech world, and this was an episode that touched on Comcast, Reddit, iPhones, and iBeacons.  Short, sweet, and informative.

Thursday, July 16th

  • I’ve missed days before due to time constraints, but today is the first day I just didn’t listen to anything to the high False Hypothesis standard. #HarshJudge

Friday, July 17th

  • Material Podcast: Material 3: Google When? Google Now! [length: 55 minutes]
    • This new podcast called Material is a Google-centric podcast hosted by Andy Ihnatko, Russell Ivanovic, and Yasmine Evjen.  I generally am an Apple fanboy with my podcast choices, but I love the Google ecosystem and rely on Google for most of my service needs, and I’m glad I found a podcast I can enjoy about them.  In this particular episode they discuss the Google Now service, how far the service has come, and how creepy or non-creepy the service’s intelligence is.  It was a good discussion, and I anticipate enjoying more of these shows coming.
  • Slate’s Working: “The ‘How Does a Medical Resident Work?’ Edition” [length: 33 minutes]
    • This is another podcast that I’ve enjoyed catching up on.  The premise is simple: the host [this season’s host is Aisha Harris] interviews a person about how they do their job and interesting things about it.  This particular episode about Medical Residents does a great job describing the intense dedication that is required to be a medical professional.  I admire the job that doctors, physician assistants, nurses, etc do and we should talk more about their service to our society.  Alexandra Charrow, the subject of this interview, was fantastic.

Saturday, July 18th

  • The Starters: The Drop – Summer League Stories [length: 70 minutes]
    • The Starters, an essential NBA podcast, during the season have a daily show on NBA TV that later gets released to a podcast.  In addition, once a week (usually Friday), they release a lengthier, looser formatted podcast in which they discuss the week’s biggest stories more in-depth than they get a chance to on the TV show.  It never disappoints, and this week’s was no different.  They tell tales of their week in Las Vegas for the Summer League and discuss how some of the players have looked.  It’s always a joy to hear these guys talk basketball, I look forward to the summer shows!

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