Podcast Recommendations: Week of July 27th

Hello! Started this week, I will start classifying the podcasts I recommend as “topical” or “evergreen”.  Topical generally would mean that it has a shorter shelf life, depending on topic it might be 1-7 days. Evergreen is good to go any time.  As always, you can find previous week’s recommendations here. Thank you as always, I appreciate every single one of you readers.

Monday, July 27th

  • Fitzdog Radio: Nick Di Paolo Returns [Evergreen; Posted July 21st; Length: 61 minutes]
    • I’ve said this before: I prefer East coast comics and their humor, and Nick Di Paolo is as good as it gets.  Greg Fitzsimmons hosts this great podcast with Nick in which they discuss the comedy industry, politics, and more.  What I love about Greg as a host is that he has strong political beliefs, but he is willing to enjoy the argument on the other side.  Too often with our comics we label them as a “conservative comic” or a “liberal comic” and judge whether or not we will enjoy them just based on that.  I’m as moderate politically as I think is possible, and both Greg and Nick have said stuff that bothers me.  Who cares? They’re funny as hell and I’m glad any time we can get them on a podcast to have a conversation about it.
  • The Dalrymple Report: Special Guest: John Gruber [Topical; Posted July 25th; Length: 99 minutes]
    • I’m a huge Apple fan, and this podcast was between two of the most respected names in tech discussion about the company.  Jim and John discuss Music, Apple’s earnings report, the Apple Watch, and the tech journalism industry as a whole.  John had a really interesting answer to Jim’s question about what or who he considers his competition, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.
    • Technical note: Jim Dalrymple recently had some major issues with Apple Music, but in between the course of recording this podcast and the posting of it, Apple had fixed a lot of Jim’s issues. Thus, there was a portion of the discussion of Apple Music that was edited out as the information they discusses must not have been up do date.  This doesn’t change the fact that the problem shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

Tuesday, July 28th

  • None to the high False Hypothesis standard 🙂

Wednesday, July 29th

  • Fitzdog Radio: Mike Gibbons Is Back! [Evergreen; Posted July 28th; Length: 90 minutes]
    • Double Fitzdog week! One of the characteristics of a good podcast is good chemistry between the host and the guest and this episode was between long-time friends Mike Gibbons and Greg Fitzsimmons, in which the chemistry is always clear.  I’m always excited any time Mike is on, and this episode was hilarious as Mike talks about his struggles as a newly single guy who’s also now a part-time single dad.  Mike also tells a hilarious story about a childhood incident and in general this episode was just a great way to spend 90 minutes. Thanks guys, I demand a monthly podcast!
  • The Lowe Post: Mark Cuban [Evergreen – until the start of the NBA season; Posted July 29th; Length: 60 minutes]
    • I started listening to this basically immediately after it was posted because I was expecting a minute-by-minute breakdown of the DeAndre Jordan situation but it quickly became clear that I wasn’t going to get that.  What they ended up talking about was probably more interesting. Zach and Mark discussed league issues such as team-building and officiating, and then they had a discussion about Shark Tank in which Mark provided some behind-the-scene details about how the filming process works and the subsequent business due diligence.  Great episode! Two really smart guys.

Thursday, July 30th

  • Slate’s Whistlestop: One of the Great Train Wrecks Of All Time [Evergreen; Posted June 9th; Length: 30 minutes]
    • I really enjoy this podcast hosted by John Dickerson of Slate.  These podcasts are historical political stories about the more eccentric behind-the-scenes stories that generally get a little lost in history.  This podcast discussed events surrounding George McGovern’s hasty selection of his Vice-Presidential candidate Thomas Eagleton.  Fun listen!
  • The Lowe Post: Stan Van Gundy [Evergreen- until the start of the NBA season; Length: 72 minutes]
    • Back-To-Back Lowe Post days! This was another great discussion between two smart basketball men.  SVG shares the reasoning for a lot of the decisions he’s made during his tenure as the Detroit Pistons head coach and President of Basketball Operations, along with a lot of other good stuff.  If you like basketball, this is another no-brainer.  Looking forward towards the Lowe Post heat check when he sits down with Michael Jordan tomorrow. (Just guessing)

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