Podcast Recommendations: RIP

I will no longer be writing my weekly podcast recommendations.  I appreciate every single of one of you that read these, and I sincerely appreciate all the podcasters that reached out.  I started this blog as an outlet to write about stuff I enjoyed, and podcasting certainly falls into that category.  However, this feature never really caught on and I’m sure there’s good reason for that.  Podcasting is intensely personal, everybody has their preferences, and this medium is so wonderful that there’s truly something out there for everybody. I’m glad I got to discover new podcasts as a result of this exercise, and will continue to listen every single day, multiple hours a day.  If you’re reading this and ever want some podcast recommendations, please reach out and I’ll see if I can help out.  In addition, please send me your recommendations as well!!

Ultimately, all of this is experimental for me.  Some experiments succeed, some fail, but at the end of the day the most important thing is that I have to learn from both sides of success and try to get better.

Thank you for your time, as always.


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