Power Rankings for the Week of March 28th: Coach Firings Report Card Edition

As the season wraps up in a few short days, the attention for evaluating many of the non-contending teams shift to what the teams will do in their offseason to come back stronger (or weaker, for #TeamTank).  One of the primary ways front offices make their evaluations is coaching staffs and like every year, certain fanbases clamor for struggling teams to fire their head coaches.  Before looking to this offseason, I thought it would be interesting to review coaching changes that have recently been made and evaluate their effectiveness.  Obviously, many of these changes will accurately be assessed in the next coming years, so consider this a “short term” report card of some of the moves.

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Likes and Dislikes from Apple’s “Loop You in” Event

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.02.01 AM.png

While the March 21st Apple event didn’t generate, nor warrant, the hype of a WWDC (new software) or Fall event (new hardware) does – it still was a productive Monday morning for the company.  Here is my “Likes and Dislikes” from the event, broken down by section. For Fall’s event that saw the launch of the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and more, please click here.

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Power Rankings for the Week of March 14th

The team that has been most affected by the Warriors historic season is the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Upon the arrival of LeBron James and the subsequent roster moves and despite LeBron himself cautioning patience towards a title, the expectation in Cleveland became “championship or bust” immediately.  Last year started off choppy, but ultimately LeBron was able to will a team that had lost Kevin Love early and Kyrie Irving later to within 2 games of winning a championship.

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