The Curious Case of Nostalgia

False Hypothesis: Keeping a star tied to the franchise for too long is an outdated concept that we must evolve from.

“And I really believe this: [Kobe] should…say to Jim and them, ‘Look, if you don’t sign one of these free agents [this offseason], man, I’m just not going to play next year”

-Magic Johnson’s advice to Kobe. More comments here.

Let’s set aside the fact that it’s an absolute travesty that the person who I believe is one of the greatest Los Angeles based HUMANS (Laker or Athlete simply isn’t good enough) of all time has become nothing more than a caricature in the past few years. Something I’ve pondered for years as a sports fan observing other teams is the concept of “nostalgia”.

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The Great Coach Swap of 2015

GOD: Hi Adam, you’ve been doing a great job, and I’m glad you spared me from having to deal with Donald Sterling in Heaven. I always knew he was a creep, but things have become a bureaucratic nightmare up here and he had good lawyers ready to lobby The Board.

Adam Silver: Oh hey, God. Thanks!

GOD: I just need one more thing.

Adam Silver: Hit me! Get it? Because of the gambling?

GOD: Alright, let’s never do that again. Here’s what I need: There’s this guy named Daman who wants to write about basketball and other things once a week(ish) but wants to do something a little different.  Can you arrange to issue a decree in which each team has to fire their coach and has to hire a coach that never previously was their coach?  Also, since Daman started writing this before Jacque Vaughn was fired, can we keep him in the pool? Thanks! Gotta go, Season 6 of The Wire and the modern reboot of The West Wing are both premiering tonight.

So here’s my “False Hypothesis” (this gimmick will die quick, I promise): I believe that I can re-arrange the current head coaches in the NBA to optimize the league.

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